Elizabeth Mac Arthur Agricultural Institute Kamben NSW

Biosecurity & Diagnostic

L2D are experts in the design of facilities for BioResources – ranging from rodents to large ruminants and to the highest levels of biological and quarantine containment. Here are some of the key projects we have completed in this sector.

Biosecurity Resources and Plant

  • CSIRO AAHL Modernisation Project – involving new concept designs and staged delivery of operational high containment facility (L2D with Jacobs)
  • DAFF Post Entry Quarantine Facility, Victoria, the National Australian Quarantine Facility for animals and plants (Jacobs)
  • NSW Biosecurity Facility at Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, NSW (S2F)
  • Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF) National Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) Facility, integrated QC1, 2 and 3 glasshouse complex as part of total Quarantine Precinct for plants and animals (L2D/Jacobs)
  • Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF), glasshouse and upgrade Eastern Creek NSW (SKM)
  • CSIRO Biosafe glasshouse for AQIS, Building 85 upgrade (S2F)


  • SA Pathology in Adelaide Schematic design and compliance for pathology laboratory
    Review of PC3 Tb Reference Laboratory design
    Design and construction of call centre and office support (S2F)
  • Austin Hospital, Victoria – 2009 to 2012 (S2F)
    Stage 1 – Temporary anatomical laboratory
    Stage 2 – Permanent path laboratory
    Stage 3 – Master plan for complete departmental redevelopment
  • Australian Red Cross, Sydney – Concept Design (with BVN)