Melbourne University School of Chemistry


Working with first-class education institutions is our passion, and our list of projects in this sector speaks volumes for the expertise of L2D’s founders.

Pedagogical examples are noted below:

  • Massey University Albany Campus – ISC (L2D with Athfield Architecture) – 2017-2019
  • Curtin University, B311 FlexiLab refurbishment (L2D with Donaldson + Warn) – 2017-2019
  • Hong Kong University – BioResources facility – expansion, Hong Kong with L2D Ryder Architecture – commenced 2017
  • Monash University Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building – specialist advice to Dentan Corker Marshall (2016-2018)
  • Monash University Medical School – specialist laboratory subconsultants to Denton Corker Marshall, June 2016
  • Melbourne University Werribee Redevelopment – New Veterinary Campus Upgrade and Large Animal Facility, specialist laboratory/animal based design subconsultants to Billard Leese, May 2016
  • Vasculab – Angio surgical training suites, located in Howard Florey Institute Melbourne University (L2D)
  • Victoria University – Paramedical Teaching, Werribee (L2D) – 2016
  • Charles Sturt University Veterinary Laboratories, NSW (S2F) – 2017
  • Melbourne University School of Chemistry, laboratory refurbishment (S2F)