Image: Paul Maartens Photography

Industry Leaders

Both Colin and David have been regular presenters and keynote speakers at conferences in animal, plant and laboratory research. At L2D, we believe training and mentoring our teams and clients is an intrinsic part of creating awareness and design excellence with respect to collaborative and well-governed research workplaces in these highly complex and engineered building types.

In February 2015, Colin and David delivered a joint presentation to The Bernardini Foundation, Managing Resources in the Modern Animal Facility 2015 Training Series at La Trobe University, Victoria. The topic was “Principles of Facility Characterisation and Operations”.

Colin has also delivered many keynote presentations over the past few years, including IQPC Conference, Designing Research Facilities, in Sydney 2015 and 2017 where he was the Chair. He also delivered a joint presentation with Tony Agostino, titled, “Latest Design Trends in Glasshouse and Controlled Environment Design”.

His address to the University of Newcastle – Visioning Workshop in 2014 was titled “Trends in Bioresources Facility Design”.

He also delivered several presentations to the Association for Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand (ABSANZ), and at Australia and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA) and Science Industry Association (SIA) from 2006 to 2017 among many others in his career.