Building strong relationships to achieve successful outcomes by managing information flow and acting as “design enablers” is a fundamental approach for L2D. This is evidenced by the fact that most of our project work is repeat business with our clients who value our approach to working supportively with their staff and by keeping the focus on management and operational goals of the project.

We do this by adopting an inclusive approach and engaging stakeholders and client teams throughout the project. With research buildings, we have found communicating with user groups is the key to successful innovation and our clients appreciate our collaborative efforts during what may be quite challenging tasks.

We ensure each project goes beyond the mundane and delivers real value for money through the entire process. Our extensive list of projects is one of the most comprehensive of any design consultancy based in Australia.

In our Project menu we have divided our showpiece projects into categories for review: Strategic Planning, Research, Education, Technology and Manufacturing and Biosecurity and Diagnostic.

Note: Some of the projects noted as L2D work form part of the 20-year portfolio of research and life sciences buildings that was developed by S2F under Colin’s leadership in his role as the Director for Research at S2F and then, continuing through the acquisition of S2F by SKM and Jacobs, where he continued to lead the research portfolio.


Perth Maia Mapper, Perth, Australia