CSIRO Australian Resource Research Facility

Completed: 2016

L2D were appointed to review opportunities for new directions for the office and laboratory spaces in the 1990s CSIRO ARRC facility.

The objectives were;

  • To move staff from the more cellular to the interactive/collaborative workplaces with communication and mentorship as the key motivators for change.
  • Support the new operational approach with parallel changes in facility/accommodation management and to align with Prodac Guidelines.
  • To ultimately lead to improved commercial outcomes and retention and attracting the right talent for the appropriate generational change in a highly collaborative behaviour and environment
  • How did L2D action this?
    – It commenced with the refurbishment of laboratory spaces into a totally new model for the National Geosequestration Laboratories at ARRC
    – New design and operating ideas for wet laboratory practice – open plan and engaged spaces, rather than the contained and “closed to the world” existing “cellular/black hole” arrangements
    – This lead to the supporting administrative (office/workstation) refurbishments within ARRC where L2D worked with stakeholders to develop collaborative designs styled on communication and engagement amongst teams that would change constantly and would be mobile for considerable periods of time
  • From this success, CSIRO commissioned new workplace designs for the future of the building
    – And a key innovation – L2D initiated the inclusion of large scale decals on glazed walls of scientific images by CSIRO or their collaborators with plaques to give credit to the scientist and the image – a bit like artist expose. This innovation has been very warmly received as a “value-add” that really generates positive energy and recognition
    – L2D focussed on understanding what matters and how leadership wish to progress and then translated this into a simple but effective design solution that is financially viable and deliverable within time and budget constraints by working as a collaborative with CSIRO.