The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (S2F with DCM)


L2D’s work with research facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia is unmatched. Here are some prime examples of our work in this sector.

  • Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery – Advanced Biofabrication Centre – St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy Victoria (L2D)
  • La Trobe University – BioResources facilities for multi-species (generic) and native species, including sheep facility (L2D)
  • CSIRO ARRC Perth (multiple staged refurbishments) enhanced workplace environments (L2D)
  • CSIRO Australian Resources Characterisation Facility, Perth (L2D)
  • CSIRO National Geosequestration Laboratories, Perth (L2D with Jacobs)
  • Victoria University – Project refurbishments for PC2 laboratories and paramedical facility, Werribee (L2D)
  • University of Queensland and DPI Centre for Advanced Animal Science, QLD (S2F)
  • The Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute, Victoria – human, animal, insectary and BioResources, PC/QC1, 2 & 3 (S2F with DCM)
  • The Walter & Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute, Drug Discovery Initiative (L2D)
  • The Walter & Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute Breeding Facility schematic design options for refurbishment, Victoria (L2D)
  • The Hunter Medical Research Institute, NSW – human and animal research (S2F with DCM)
  • AstraZeneca – New research & development campus, Shanghai, China (S2F)
  • Novartis Shanghai Precinct Development, schematic design for bioresources and laboratory facilities, Shanghai China (S2F)
  • Sydney University Central Rodent Facility, NSW (S2F)
  • Massey University and AgResearch Research Hopkirk Institute, PC2 and PC3 for animal and insect research, infectious diseases and parasitology, PC1, 2 & 3 (S2F)
  • AgResearch animal holding facilities, PC1, 2 & 3, Palmerston North, New Zealand (S2F)
  • Kerry Packer Institute, Children’s Hospital Westmead – human and animal model research, PC/QC1, 2 7 3 (S2F with BVN)
  • La Trobe University SPF Rodent Facility – animal master plan and new stand-alone SPF facility for rodents (S2F)
  • CSL Research Laboratories at Bio21 Parkville (Bio21/Melbourne University) (S2F)
  • Schering Plough SPF Rabbit Facility, Upper Hutt NZ – design only (S2F)

Plant Research

  • AgResearch quarantine and containment glasshouses, Palmerston North, New Zealand (L2D with Labworks)
  • CSIRO Regulated Glasshouses – Bayer Cropscience and SEIF funded project, Black Mountain, Canberra (L2D with Jacobs)
  • DEPI high through-put Phenomics automated containment glasshouses, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, PC2/QC2 (L2D with Jacobs)
  • DPI high through-put Phenomics automated containment glasshouses Horsham, Victoria, PC/QC2 (SKM)
  • International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines – glasshouses and controlled environment facility in support of rice research and production including new design for Genetic Research Facility (SKM)
  • CSIRO Queensland Biosciences Precinct PC2 glasshouse expansion and refurbishment (SKM)
  • CSIRO – NCRIS National Plant Phenomics Centre Node – HRC,Black Mountain ACT (S2F)
  • CSIRO Cropatron, Canberra – containment glasshouses PC/QC2 (S2F)
  • CSIRO Floreat Phytotron Perth, conversion and expansion of previous high containment PC4 glasshouse facility to PC2 facility (S2F)
  • CSIRO Darwin, Plant Industries, new buildings and refurbishments including Controlled Environment Chamber Study (S2F with MKEA)


  • DAFF Post Entry Quarantine Facility, Victoria, Bee Containment facility (Jacobs)
  • CSIRO Entomology – Precinct planning and building 179 laboratories and insectaries (S2F with Jackson Architecture)
  • CSIRO QC3 insectary building 134 refurbishment, Canberra (S2F)
  • The Walter & Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute, western expansion and refurbishment of existing facility, Parkville Victoria (S2F with DCM)