CSIRO Canberra Jacobs with DCM

Strategic Planning

Our extensive list of projects is one of the most comprehensive of any design consultancy in Australia. Strategic planning is a core competency of L2D, whether it’s business case development projects or master planning. Some of our projects are noted below:

Business Case Development

  • University of Newcastle – Business case for a new BioResources facility in Newcastle (L2D)
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Campus Options Study – Three-campus analysis of WOL and operational benefits Jacobs and proceed with L2D in detail planning
  • CSIRO WA Properties Report – Perth consolidation master plan (L2D)
  • CSIRO WA Land + Water options study (L2D)
  • CSIRO Clayton Consolidation Victoria (L2D with Jacobs)
  • CSIRO AAHL Geelong – Modernisation (L2D with Jacobs)
  • CSIRO Myall Vale business case and concept design (L2D)
  • ACMD – Australian Centre for Medical Discovery (S2F JV with DCM)
  • CSIRO Parkville relocation study, Clayton relocation
  • Geoscience Australia consolidation and strategic master plan, Canberra (L2D)
  • New Zealand National Biosecurity Facility for Human and Animal Diagnostics, MPI, Wellington, concept design and business case, NZ (S2F)
  • University of Western Sydney – Templates for learning (S2F)

Master Planning

  • CSIRO consolidation study and concept design for Canberra – Black Mountain Canberra (SKM with DCM)
  • CSIRO Lindfield master plan, Sydney NSW (L2D with Denton Corker Marshall)
  • La Trobe University precinct plan for animal and plant research (S2F)
  • University of Newcastle/HMRI site development study for HMRI construction (S2F with DCM)
  • Varian (now Agilent) site master plan and staged funding delivery of facilities
  • ANU Colleges (and Faculties) of Sciences and precinct master plan (S2F)
  • CSL Parkville Campus, Victoria (S2F)
  • Massey University Institute for Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (IVABS) precinct master plan, leading to the site selection of the Hopkirk Institute (S2F)